Welcome to my digital den!

Hi all. This is Prathi Balasubramanian. I'm from a buzzing coastal South Indian city called Chennai. I'm a yoga instructor, budding vegan chef, depth-of-field shots aficionado, arbitrary doodlist, macrocosm freak and basically just a hooman who prefers peace over pandemonium. For an unbelievably long time I've been wanting to start a blog of my own.... Continue Reading →

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Unsolicited advice? No please!

Disclaimer: You are going to be barraged with a lot of air-quotes throughout this piece. I do so because it helps me in voicing out my thoughts more accurately. Advance apologies if you find it irksome. Barely a month old, and here's my first rant already. All thanks to getting trapped in yet another "kill-me-already"... Continue Reading →

Praying for a pause button!

As a child, and even more so as teenager, I had a very glamorously Skewed sense of how adulthood would play out. Childhood reminds of those days of longing when a lame kiddie height-chart would bulldoze my fun-ride dreams. Full-blown tantrums were the only currency which could afford me a cone of ice-cream or a... Continue Reading →

Who’s a rebel?

She's a Rebel who speaks her gallant mind, Battles inner-demons, Not just the vicious mankind.   He's a rebel who embraces his inner-child, Not averse to shed a tear, Or pursue his passions wild.   They are rebels who surrender wholly to a cause, Don't just raise war cries, But toil relentlessly sans pause.  ... Continue Reading →

Self-punishment or self-reward?

I'm a massive stickler for quotes. Recently, I came across one which completely changed my perspective. Without further ado - "Anger is a punishment we give ourselves for somebody else's mistake." I sadly couldn't find the source for this one, but in my search for the same, I came across a¬†similar quote in Mark Twain's... Continue Reading →

Destinies aligned…

Heartbeats Rapid, Breaths tepid, Thoughts placid, Emotions intrepid.   Gaze smouldering, Touch comforting, Scent invigorating, Tone soothing.   Bodies intertwined, Passion unconfined, Moment undefined, Destinies aligned.

Recipe #2 : Oat milk

One of the most critical challenges I faced on my path to becoming a vegan was to find affordable yet healthy milk alternatives that feel and taste as close to the real deal as it possibly can. The first obvious choice would be that of Soy. But thanks to my paranoia fuelled by articles upon... Continue Reading →

The Bubble-Trap

Ms.Bethany Baker lives in a self-made illusive Bubble, She goes about her life stowing many an elusive trouble, Confronting sombre realities, gives her a severe scare, Mounting unresolved grievances, she doesn't spare a care.   With every passing day, miseries abound, hopes recede, But in her forged niche, castles surround, joys precede. For the whacks... Continue Reading →

The tides within…

The sea in your mind is seldom still, In a ceaseless rise and fall. Its pace rests on the helmsman's will, But yields not to any man's call.   Some days are bright and promise-filled, Makes you feel on top of the world. Wishing this time forever stilled, Vainly hoping it never again furled.  ... Continue Reading →

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