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Hi all. This is Prathi Balasubramanian. I'm from a buzzing coastal South Indian city called Chennai. I'm a yoga instructor, budding vegan chef, depth-of-field shots aficionado, arbitrary doodlist, macrocosm freak and basically just a hooman who prefers peace over pandemonium. For an unbelievably long time I've been wanting to start a blog of my own.... Continue Reading →

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Luxury herbal spa bath at your own home!

A few months back, in the course of my journey through the world of sustainable living, I came across a video recipe for herbal bath and hair powder. It had a lineup of ingredients (with fancy and complicated names) and honestly I was a little apprehensive of how to go about it, will I be... Continue Reading →

Time: Beyond the confines of a clock…

I've always had this eerie feeling that time is a highly perceptive and circumstantial construct. There are two key precedents which lead me to feel this way. How you spend time and/or who you spend it with - Have you ever noticed how quickly time flies when we are immersed in a particular activity which... Continue Reading →

The Devil and the Do-gooder

'What is Life?' one might wonder, A precious souvenir or a careless blunder? The answer rests in the choices you make, The way you perceive, and the chances you take.   But are your actions born out of sole decisions? Or are they derived from confounding collisions? Every single time the moment to choose arises,... Continue Reading →

Plushy Purple!

Now, that's such a wonderful prompt! I'm an out and out purple fanatic. It wasn't always this way. It was more of a "developed" taste I guess. When people quiz me about my favourite color, for a very long time, "Black!" would have been my instantaneous reply (especially so when it comes to clothing). But... Continue Reading →

A Naked life…

Raised on a diet of cereals and celebrities, She was bitten by the bug when merely six, Emoting and pretending came with much ease, Enacting and performing gave her the kicks.   Her dresser has spectated speeches umpteen, Her wardrobe has birthed myriad personae, The plain drab walls have set many a scene, The dollies... Continue Reading →

Unsolicited advice? No please!

Disclaimer: You are going to be barraged with a lot of air-quotes throughout this piece. I do so because it helps me in voicing out my thoughts more accurately. Advance apologies if you find it irksome. Barely a month old, and here's my first rant already. All thanks to getting trapped in yet another "kill-me-already"... Continue Reading →

Praying for a pause button!

As a child, and even more so as teenager, I had a very glamorously Skewed sense of how adulthood would play out. Childhood reminds of those days of longing when a lame kiddie height-chart would bulldoze my fun-ride dreams. Full-blown tantrums were the only currency which could afford me a cone of ice-cream or a... Continue Reading →

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